Top 10 factors to improve communication skills.

  • Active listener:- You should be an active listener to improve communication. Listen well and speak well.
  • Vocabulary:- Try to learn at least 15-20 words daily and try to make sentences.
  • Presentation:- Improve your presentation skills.
  • Rehearsal:- Try to rehearse as much as possible.
  • Make friends:- Talking with friends allows you to improve very well.
  • Confidence:- Whatever activity you are doing, do it confidently.
  • Make Notes:- Making notes for topics makes you more knowledgeable
  • Voice modulation:- Practice with voice modulation makes you more comfortable.
  • Video recording:- Before going to talk with a large number of people, record your video you can judge yourself, where you are making mistakes and where to work on.
  • Mirror Practice:- Everyday practice in front of a Mirror boost your confidence and day by day you can improve your communication skills.

Improving communication takes time this is not one daily process. Please keep hard work  daily but you have to maintain patience for getting better results

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