Tips and Tricks for Interview Preparation.

A cracking interview is a tough situation nowadays. So you need to prepare in advance to face the interview. Simple tips just follow and get your dream job. The interview is a process in which you are presenting your skills, and knowledge to an interviewer. So planning is required. Tips are below

  1. Research deeply about the company like- History, Important persons, Awards, Achievements, offices, Products, Services, etc. If you have all the information then-employer understands you know the company very well. It looks sounds interesting. 
  2. Prepare an updated resume first. My resume should be simple and Neat. Unnecessary information kindly avoid.
  3.  Choose an appropriate dress code according to Job type for creating the first impression. Avoid short dress for an interview.
  4. Before one-two days interview groom yourself properly for the perfect look.
  5. wear light makeup for the interview. Avoid heavy jewelry.
  6. Reach before 5 minutes of actual interview time so you will not feel stressed about the time factor.
  7. Before entering in interview room keep your mobile on silent mode and avoid disturbance.
  8. Do shake hands first with a normal smile.
  9. Go with your profile deeply before facing any interview. First of all, you need to know what are your strengths and weakness, the best points about yourself. 
  10. Read the job description very well before the interview and avoid confusion. Also, find out why you are the best candidate for this job.
  11. Do not talk unnecessarily during the interview. Talk as and when required.
  12. Share true information only with the employer.
  13. If you are an experienced working professional carry previous employment details as proof. If they ask then provide details.
  14. Avoid excessive eye contact but do eye contact as and when required. 
  15. Don’t play with your hair during the interview.
  16.  Do not ask about salary initially time. If the employer finds that you are a suitable candidate, they will discuss it with you.

  17. Do not discuss interviews outside.

  18.  Once the interview is finished say thank you to the employer for an interview and also do follow up in next day via Email, message, or call for clarification.

If you follow the above simple steps definitely you will clear the interview. Just follow it and see changes.

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