Review on Rich Dad and Poor Dad book in English?
Or Why you should read Rich Dad and Poor Dad’s book?

Everyone wants to become Rich. But how to earn, manage and invest in a big confusion. This book guides us through Money management simple tips and tricks so that you can save your money and also how to spend money wisely. In society, there are two types of people,    rich people, and poor people but their spending habit is totally different. This shows us what to do and what not to do for money, saving investment, and success-related things.

Here are some top 10 things we learn from this book.

Always listen to others when they want to try to speak with you. If don’t allow to speak to others then you will not understand others’ points of view. Sometimes you missed valuable information. A good listener only becomes a good communicator and you will learn good things about others.

Focus on completing your education, and job first. Because this is very important to develop yourself first. Focus on learning new things that are useful for earning money.

You should invest money first for priority basic needs, savings, and emergency purposes first. And if your money is left then you can buy luxury items last.

Try to cut down unnecessary expenses and liabilities so that you can save money for future purpose.

Reading is very important to gain a lot of knowledge. If you do not have enough time to read books, you can listen to audiobooks as and when required.

If you earn good profit on insurance, stocks, mutual funds, etc then you reinvest this money in other things for investment. Because money will grow money. This is a smart way of investment.

Always surround yourself with people who are experienced, wealthy, high thinking mindset. So this type of Environment will make you smarter. Because networks decide net worth.

Before spending or buying things, first, ask questions yourself about whether you really required that thing or not. Ex:- If one of your friends is buying a luxurious car that doesn’t mean that you should buy blindly without observing your financial conditions.

Try to focus and learn new skills to upgrade yourself. This is useful for getting a new opportunity for the future and also your worth will increase. Don’t do work just sake of the job. Work effectively, and efficiently so that your money earning potential will increase.

Focus on future retirement planning at a young age. Try to invest in mutual funds, stocks, Provident funds, Insurance, and Emergency funds so that after retirement you don’t require to depend on others for financial reason at old age.

This is a life-changing book. Everyone must read this book. 

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Chanakya Neeti Book review?

Chanakya was a highly respected Indian economist, philosopher, teacher, and royal advisor of ancient times.

Chanakya was extraordinarily brilliant and had great intellect. It was his intelligence that allowed him to create India’s first large Kingdom. He could make plans in such a way that he had dozens of backups for every circumstance.

There are a lot of reasons you need to read Chanakya Neeti Book. If you want to become a smart and good decision-maker and leader then you must read this book. Lots of lessons we can learn from this book are as follows.

With the help of education, we can achieve our goals. For that, you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills as and when required. If you are knowledgeable whole world welcomes you.

Debt is like an enemy. If a very worse situation is in front of you then Don’t ask for help immediately. If you are not able to solve this problem take help from friends, and family but always repay your debt on time. Because money kills relations.

Choose your friends wisely because your friend’s circle decides you belong to which background.

Always learn from the mistakes you did. Try to improve yourself. Also, you can learn from others’ mistakes because it is not possible you can do mistakes every time. But people around you can teach us many lessons.

Don’t share your personal secrets with others because we don’t know how and when people will take disadvantage of your weakness.

 Don’t share your goals with anyone. If you share with others then chances are high that people will demotivate you. First, complete your goals and let success makes a loud noise.

Don’t depend too much on others. Because if you can solve your own problem by yourself then you become a more confident and independent person. Yes, when the situation is not in your favor you can take others’ help.

Becoming too much Honest is very harmful to you. Because a lot of people will take disadvantage of your honestly. You need to understand people, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop being honest. Honesty is required.

If you are financially strong enough then only you can help yourself and others. Everyone respects you.

If you really want to learn something new then come out of your comfort zone. Your passion and flexibility teach you to become a more worthy person.

Good leaders are always good decision takers. they rule and divide work correctly for a smoother process. They know how how to manage situations correctly.

Stop being over-attached to people. Because it disturbs your personal life and also affects your work, also people will take disadvantage of emotionally attached people.

This book is life-changing. Every page has a lot of valuable information is there.

Why you are waiting for ? Just buy and start reading this book.

Think and Grow Rich Book review?

The book was written by self-help author Napolean Hill in 1937 & more than 1 CR Copies have been sold worldwide. To write this book he observed 40 millionaires very closely & has written principles that are important for personal development.

This principle states that no one gets success immediately and you have to work very hard and need to do a lot of struggle.

You should always learn from the failure and try to learn from previous mistakes and try to improve yourself day by day. If you fail don’t feel sad. Always keep trying.

According to the author, you should always learn new things. Keep doing an experiment that gives us more confidence.

Try to gain knowledge about which field you are best. Because this is useful for getting placed in a new job, earning money, and many more purposes. You can gain Knowledge through online, special courses, Libraries other than school and college.

You need to improve your imaginative thinking. For this, you can use the same old practices and improve on them to do something big.

If we don’t control the subconscious mind , it will control us so it is important to plan our goals in the actionable steps. From this the subconscious mind will start getting under our control.

Keep your fear in control as it keeps you from achieving your goals. Fear stops people from improving themselves, whenever you try something new, you either succeed or learn from your failure. So if you feel fear, you will not try in the first place which is why it is important to control your fear to achieve success.

Is reading Ikigai Really Helpful?

Ikigai is a famous Japanese concept which is originated from an island in Japan called Okinawa. The special thing about Okinawa is that most people with the age above 100 are found in Okinawa. What is there the secret to happy, healthy long life? They are doing routine happily.

Secrets of 100 plus people  they are as below :-

The secret to a long life is not to worry and to keep your heart young. Don’t let it grow old.

Habits that will help you in your life. Good food, exercises, reading, following a hobby. Meeting new people makes you a more social person.

Nurture your relationships because it has a lot of meaning in your life. Try to give importance to relationships.

Don’t hurry. Don’t take too much tension about study, job, marriage, kids, about future. This creates a lot of stress. Live life happily on your term.

You need to think positively.  Life is simple and beautiful.

  • Stay active, don’t retire.
  • Fill your stomach 85-90%. Don’t do overeating.
  • Live life happily. Smile as much as possible.
  • Live in present. Don’t focus on memories and think about the future.
  • Surround yourself with good friends.
  • Do what you are best in a particular profession, activity, etc.
  • Do what you love to do.
  • Try to find out what the world needs? if you have talent try to help people.
  • Involves in such profession, skills, job, activities you can be paid for. So that you can earn money and fulfill your requirement.
  • Lot of secrets are there in this book. If you want to implement more secrets in your life read this book.