Signs of you are not happy with your current job.

Lots of people doing the job.  Doing just the sake of a job as routine and Doing a job happily are two different things. We are spending our maximum time is at the workplace so it is mandatory-you need to be happy inthe environment. If you are getting the below signs then you need to look new job as early as possible.

  • Not feeling excited to go to work.
  • Every time you feel stressed at the workplace.
  • There is no growth opportunity for your profile.
  • Long working hours
  • Collogues, peers are not co-operative
  • You feel alone every time working with the team. Your suggestions and ideas are always rejected.
  • You are continually facing health issues. You have a lot of reasons for leaving.
  • Due to time factors difficult to manage Professional life and Personal life.
  • There is no appreciation, or reward for your hard work.
  •  If you are doing your job perfectly then also Seniors always complained about the job you feel demotivated every time.

If you are facing the above signs then you start looking for a new job. When you get the best opportunity then you can leave your current job. Living in an unhappy environment for a longer period of time you can face a lot of mental, emotional, and physical issues. If you love your job then a lot of opportunities are available for you and you can survive everywhere. The most important thing is whatever job you are doing you need to be Happy which matters a lot.

Keeping yourself happy is a big responsibility. Because you are BOSS of your life.

Tips and Tricks for Interview Preparation.

A cracking interview is a tough situation nowadays. So you need to prepare in advance to face the interview. Simple tips just follow and get your dream job. The interview is a process inwhich you are presenting your skills, and knowledge to an interviewer. So planning is required. Tips are below

  • Research deeply about the company like- History, Important persons, Awards, Achievements, offices, Products, Services, etc. If you have all the information then-employer understands you know the company very well. It looks sounds interesting.
  • Prepare an updated resume first. My resume should be simple and Neat. Unnecessary information kindly avoid.
  • Choose an appropriate dress code according to Job type for creating the first impression. Avoid short dress for an interview.
  • Before one-two days interview groom yourself properly for the perfect look.
  • wear light makeup for the interview. Avoid heavy jewelry.
  • Reach before 5 minutes of actual interview time so you will not feel stressed about the time factor.
  • Before entering in interview room keep your mobile on silent mode and avoid disturbance.
  • Do shake hands first with a normal smile.
  • Go with your profile deeply before facing any interview. First of all, you need to know what are your strengths and weakness, the best points about yourself.
  • Read the job description very well before the interview and avoid confusion. Also, find out why you are the best candidate for this job.
  • Do not talk unnecessarily during the interview. Talk as and when required.
  • Share true information only with the employer.
  • If you are an experienced working professional carry previous employment details as proof. If they ask then provide details.
  • Avoid excessive eye contact but do eye contact as and when required.
  • Don’t play with your hair during the interview.
  • Do not ask about salary initially time. If the employer finds that you are a suitable candidate, they will discuss it with you.
  • Do not discuss interviews outside.
  • Once the interview is finished say thank you to the employer for an interview and also do follow up in next day via Email, message, or call for clarification.

If you follow the above simple steps definitely you will clear the interview. Just follow it and see changes.

20 Benefits of Important of Spoken English in Corporate Life.

English is a universal language all over the world. The majority of people speak the English language. If you know English you have a lot of opportunities all over the words. A lot of countries like China, Korea, Malaysia, and many more countries introduced the English language in their academic school.

  • You can crack a job interview successfully and earn a good package salary. You can increase your network contacts for future points of view.
  • Lot of people are already familiar with this language so you can easily pass your message to the audience.
  • Your confidence and personality developed a lot due to English.
  • Incorporate life company prefers to hire candidates who really know English very well. So chances of getting hired are best for you.
  • You can present any topic without hesitation.
  • If you are good speaker people like to work with you, it is good for professional communication.
  • You can expand Branch to another company. You can reach Maximum customers in any part of the words and earn a good profit.
  • Lot of people get Employment opportunities due to this language ex:- Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, CA, Actor, Director, Writer, and many more opportunities are welcoming for you.
  • You can earn good foreign exchange if you work with MNC company.
  • This opportunity is you will get the right platform to grow extraordinarily.
  • You can meet a lot of people around the world.
  • You can explore the world easily. You can confidently travel alone without others’ help.
  • If you want training you will easily find the best trainer in less time due to English.
  • Every time the local language is not useful but English is useful everywhere so there are a lot of advantages for you.
  • There is a lot of study material, Online classes are available for you so without going outside you can learn easily and grab your favorite job and fulfill your wish.
  • There are a lot of Marketing companies that need English speakers to promote their products in overseas countries.
  • Without going outside English gives you the work-from-home opportunity. So you can manage family and job together.
  • If you know the English language breaks all barriers so the world is one family for you.

If you don’t know English you can face a lot of problems communicating with everyone. Sometimes it affects our confidence. People face a lot of problems with adjustment if they don’t know English. Even it affects relationships also. Nowadays going with the flow and Speaking the English language is an advantage. If you can’t speak then you will not get enough opportunity to grow. It is always good to speak English nicely.

What you should say in an Exit Interview?

The purpose of holding Exit Interviews is to understand Employees’ experience working with this organization, Whether they are leaving happily. Companies want to understand any improvement points required for the organization for the betterment of the process or not. Exit Interviews can be scheduled via phone, face-to-face meeting, form filling, or online meeting as per company rules. A few things Employees keep in mind while attending exit interviews are as below.

  • Don’t talk bad about the company.
  • Don’t talk bad about colleagues, Boss Etc.
  • Talk good about how this organization is helpful for you to achieve well in your professional life.
  • What are good policies, and methods the company should continue for a long time?
  • Don’t discuss unnecessary topics in the exit interview.
  • If you want to share any suggestions share properly.
  • If you don’t want to give any specific question answer, you have a valid reason for that. Keep in Mind.
  • Complete the office task assigned to you before the notice period.
  • Handover all important file information to a senior person in your department. Take confirmation from mail and message regarding from Company.
  • Before leaving office on the last day inform your senior and colleagues. Say thank you to everyone for giving me a wonderful opportunity.
  • After leaving the current company, don’t discuss whatever is asked in the Exit Interview with any office colleagues. Keep it confidential

If you follow the above tips then it will be better for the previous company and you also. If you follow this you will not face the problem