How to learn the Marathi Language quickly.

First of all, you have an interest in the language. Then automatically other things become easier for you.

The steps you have to follow as below:-

  • Every day at least spend one-hour learning a new language. Divide time example:- 20 Minutes for revision, 20 Minutes for New topics, 20 Minutes for Practice. During one hour you can take 5 minutes to break so you will feel fresh during the learning process.
  • Start with Basic vocabulary like colors, family words, counting, Fruits, etc. so you enjoyed the learning process. Starting with ease is always beneficial.
  • Learn Pronoun words for basic sentences. 4-5 words for initially that is best for learning a language.
  • You can approach the Teacher for learning the Marathi language. Because the teacher helps you to teach properly. They will guide you as and when required and also tell you where you are making mistakes, How to work on Writing, Reading, Speaking, Grammar, voice modulation, tone, and conversational practice and they will guide you as per your requirement. So learning from the teacher is always the best solution if you want to learn the Marathi Language. Because no one is perfect in the world so if you hire a teacher so chances of learning a language are smoother process for you.
  • Making flashcards topics-wise is helpful to learn the language.
  • Talking with native people, friends, a language community groups will help you learn the language easily.
  • Refer to Children’s books for reading, and writing purposes so that easy syllabus you can learn the language easy and fun way.
  • Every day learn at least 15 new words per day.
  • Watch Marathi movies, cartoons, stories, and comedy scenes with Language subtitles so you feel enjoyed throughout the process. You feel excited in next day.
  • Every week take one exam so you understand where you are. whether you doing progress or not? you will get a clear picture of yourself.
  • Discuss if you have any doubts with a teacher they will guide you properly.
  • Speaking in front of a camera will help you speak more fluent Marathi and your confidence will improve a lot.
  • If you want to examine yourself speak and record a short video on Mobile. Watch it and you will get a clear idea about yourself. And even you can share with teachers and friends to cross-verify your speaking skills. This is the best solution for students. And even parents can watch students progress throughout this process.
  • Focus more on speaking. Learn from mistakes. Avoid next time speaking. Learning a language required time. So you have to maintain patience during this process. Set an everyday small goal to achieve a long-term goal.
  • Do a listening exercise daily that is useful for talking properly and correctly.
  • Every day write at least one page to improve the Marathi language.
  • If you learned Marathi reading then your Hindi language reading improved automatically. Because Marathi and Hindi vowel & Consonant writing pattern is the same. At time student have two advantages.
  • If you follow the above steps then definitely you will learn Marathi quickly.
  • Learning is a beautiful process just enjoy it. Enjoy the journey every day then one day you will reach your destination.

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